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Our team not only consists of skilled pressure washers with years of experience in the pressure washing industry, but we also use the best equipment and practices, following our stringent in-house guidelines to produce the best results.  Moreover, we do our part to keep our environment safe by using biodegradable and pet-friendly cleaning agents. Our detergents are gentle on your surfaces while still getting the job done so you do not have to worry about chemical damage to your property.

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Located in the Southern region of the Golden State, California Clean Pressure Washing does exactly what our name entails – cleaning your dirty, grimy, and dreary surfaces until they look as good as new. We are one of the leading pressure washing companies in Southern California, specializing in both residential and commercial pressure washing for properties of all sizes.

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Our teams work with the highest level of professionalism while working efficiently to ensure that all your cleaning requirements are met. 

Advanced pressure washing systems and cleaning methods

We use the best pressure washing equipment and cleaning methods to ensure that every crack and crevice of your surface is thoroughly cleaned. 

Environmentally-friendly solutions

We use non-corrosive, environmentally friendly cleaning agents of the highest quality to prevent your property and your immediate environment from being damaged. 

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